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Dowling Aaron hosted the Fresno Chamber of Commerce May Mixer on their patio 5/19. BPF’s David Kadera & Chamber members enjoyed networking, great food & scenic view of San Joaquin River.

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FEBRUARY 2016 ISSUE - 2015 Tax Extender Bill - PATH Act Holds New Tax Benefit for Farmers - Understanding Business Interruption Insurance - New Accounting Standard and Its Impact on Financial Statements - National Ag Day FAQs - BPF Golf Tournament, June 6 - Calendar


The Fresno Food Expo's platform continues to grow, providing valuable resources for your business beyond the Expo show floor. Our Exhibitor Training Series has been developed for businesses of all sizes is presented by industry partners who are experts in their respective fields. This series will cover topics ranging from social media and crisis communications, to packaging and product pricing strategy -- all aimed to help your company be successful at the Expo, as well as assist you in your long-term business goals. If you're not yet a part of this year's Expo, we hope you catch the spirit and join your industry counterparts who are already making an investment in building a stronger, and more connected food industry in the Central California region.


February 16, 2016

Bart Carlson, CPA, has merged his accounting practice with Baker Peterson Franklin, CPA, LLP

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BPF rocks! All BPF staff have been very professional, highly responsive to my needs, extremely helpful, and friendly...

BPF’s honesty and integrity are second to none -- however that doesn’t limit them from thinking outside the box. hey suggested a tax strategy that represented an enormous savings in tax dollars for Ultra Gro.

BPF has proved time and time again to be very timely with our work, and their presentations are extremely thorough. The completion dates of projects are always discussed in advance, and have never been missed by BPF.

There is no doubt in my mind that BPF and Ultra Gro are true business partners. The BPF staff has taken the time to completely submerge themselves into my business, and have become very familiar with all aspects. By BPF taking the time to gain knowledge of our business, they have become great allies in the current and future business planning for Ultra Gro.